Together with the hardtail+inflatable Duo boards’ series, the DUO FUNCTIONAL RIG becomes the most versatile combination ever for your performance with very easy transport and hand carry.

….in very few minutes, inflate, rig-up an be out there!

The DUO FUNCTIONAL RIG comes available with a sail choice of a 6.3m. or 5.3m. made of Dacron and clear Mono-film.

The short-batten system helps the sail light-weight and to be incredibly very fast rigg & de-rigg, immediately foldable and stowed on to its designed compact backpack together with the rigg components.

Our innovative MSS (mast-sleeveless-system) without the mast sleeve allow the DUO sail a super-light-feel and very easy handling on your water starting as well as standing up-haulling start-ups avoiding draining out water.

– sail size (choise) 5.3m. or 6.3m.
– 5 pieces 430 cm RDM carbon/epoxy mast
– 3 pcs. aluminium vario boom 160/200 cm
– RDM 32cm. aluminium adjustable extension
– backpack 110×60 cm.


5.3, 6.3


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