the concept

DUO Boards starts with a Patented idea of a folded out in to a bag boards concept that range from SUP, to WINDSURF and eventually SURFBOARDS.

Enjoy the limitless performance of DUO, provided by the high stiffness and shape stability of the hard tail, combined with minimized pack space needed thanks to the inflatable Mid-to-Nose section.

inflatable comfort and hard tail performance in ONE board!

The concept exceeds any expectations in terms of having fun, being unbelievably relaxed, when moving around and travelling.

Never hesitate putting your board in the car and never miss an unexpected opportunity to get on the water for any session in wave or flat water.

Pumping up the board to max 15 PSI is faster and more comfortable compared to any full inflatable board.

The air section also becomes much more rigid thanks to its shorter length.

The performance of the hard tail, combined with the inflatable section provides ideal dual­-combination, with the hard tail allowing you to use fiberglass fins for greater rigidity and offering shape fidelity, that every performance board needs especially on the tail-rails, being the critical point and limit of shape of any inflatable board (boxy and soft).

In this way we integrated an inflatable nose in to a full classic shape from the step area all the way down to the tail-end achieving performance and ease of use.