Evolution of a new era at all riding experiences

The new DUO WINDSUP V2 Series is the most transport-friendly board available in the market offering top performance of boards suitable for any board-ring discipline you may choose.

- STAND UP paddling
at all levels from cruising to wave sessions, thanks to its rigid tail and the variety of sizes available. The Foil ready box will open a new world to expand your riding range experiences.

- WINGsurfing
thanks to the mid-board side-fins that allow balance stability and upwind ability the DUO WINDSUP will support your first WING experiences foil-free and take you further to progressive advanced levels up to foiling once ready.

- WINDsurfing
fun accessible here for the whole family fun. The mid-board side-fins provide stability and upwind support for the first sessions and from there you can take it further and challenge your levels by remove the side fins and experience the windiest days.

The additional mast foot system, specifically designed and developed with its adapter, is super fun for windsurfing sessions, from cruising to blasting bump&jump, including trendy style strapless wave sessions, when winds are light and you still don’t want miss on the opportunity to ride the perfect wave.

greatly better compared to any full-inflatable surfboard thank to the hard-tail and sharp rails which allow rail pressure to help take off and riding waves with more control down the line and lees bouncing and drag.

a great experience in a All 4 disciplines, thanks to its integrated 2xUS Foil-Box. You will be surprised!


  • Composite board performance with inflatable transportability travel friendly.
  • Hardboard riding feel with top speed, up-wind ability and carving maneuvers.
  • Extremely easy freeride foiler board with soft landing and no nose-dives.
  • Foil-Ready 2x US box system for optional FOIL riding compatible with all the foils that use US Box Base.
  • 4x Future fins PVC.
  • Carry Handle on deck Sup mode (Except on 7'6" model)
  • Carry Handle on bottom Foil mode

  • Inflation takes 1 third of time and energy compare to a full inflatable board of its size.
  • Deflating and store in trolley-bag with just one folding move to release all air in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy transport and reduced storage efficiency.
  • Wheeled trolley bag for easy carry and board protection. (added value)
  • Airplane standard check-inn bag size allowance.
  • Original footstrap inserts with M8 iron screws and a specific mast PAD adapter.


ModelWidth / HeightVolume
DUO WINDSUP 7'6''7'6''x29''122L
DUO WINDSUP 8'6''8'6''x30''134L
DUO WINDSUP 9'6''9'6''x31''154L


The DUO WINDSUP V2 hard tails are made of fiberglass pressure molded, using Fiberglass and Epoxi Resin laminates with carbon reinforcements on the stressed areas such as Foil-Box and under the feets.