It does it all!

The DUO collection has widen his original and exclusive Patent DUO Hard-Tail-Inflatable concept range to excel in the new Wing-foiling discipline.

The New DUO FOILER 6’0”. and 6’6” are very compact and travel-friendly inflatable wing-foiling boards with equal (if not superior) performance ability of any composite board in the market.

The moulded composite tail section of the board, made of high-density PVC and Carbon Fibers, guarantee the feel and response of the hydrofoil to your feet and the strength needed on the most stressed area where foil-box trucks and foot-straps inserts need to hold up heavy loads of pressure and torsions.

The inflatable nose section gives travels and storage practicality, comfort, with the advantage performance of less penetration and drag during nose diving.

The FOILER is designed for cruising progressive to entry level range of riders.  Very friendly to ride with an incredible stability and comfort, the  foiler does it all and forgive you any technique hesitations during your early approaches and progresses in the wing foiling sport.

The Foiler can also be a lot of fun with your Wind-foiling sessions providing a great alternative ride.

The ideal board to take you anywhere with list amount of space in your car, on boat and to take with you during your daily adventure and holiday travels. 

It comes with a compact trolley wheeled Bag (airline check-inn allowance 120x90x30 cm) + pump + repair kit + footstraps included.


ModelWidth / HeightVolumeBox TypeSail Range
DUO FOILER 6’0”180x7495L2xUS Box 12”3.0/7.0
DUO FOILER 6’6”198x74110L2xUS Box 12”4.0/8.0


  • Composite board performance with inflatable transportability travel friendly.
  • Hardboard riding feel with great stability.
  • Extremely easy freeride foil board with soft landing and no nose-dives.
  • Foil set-up with 2 x 12” US box.
  • Inflation takes 1/4 of time and energy compare to a full inflatable board of its size.
  • Deflating and store in trolley-bag with just one folding move to release all air in less than 30 seconds.
  • Easy transport and reduced storage efficiency.
  • Wheeled trolley bag for easy carry and board protection. (added value)
  • Airplane standard check-inn bag size allowance.
  • Footstraps included.